Our in-person workshops are the cornerstone of the Project HEED Diabetes Prevention Program.

Between 2008 and 2012, we worked with 54 community organizations in East Harlem to conduct 32 workshops. We found that the workshops helped participants to lose weight, which is the single most important thing you can do to lower your risk of diabetes. Given the increasing need for diabetes prevention in East Harlem, we wanted more people in our community to have access to our classes. We are currently working closely with our community partners to improve our diabetes prevention curriculum and make our classes more accessible. Classes run for 8 consecutive weeks, one and a half hours per week.

We recently pilot tested the updated curriculum at the Union Settlement NORC (Naturally Ocurring Retirement Community) at Franklin Plaza Apartments in East Harlem. Our diabetes prevention expert, Guedy Arniella, ran a 10 week workshop series with a wonderful group of senior citizens. We are currently setting up another pilot session to really make sure we have the best program for our community.

The Project HEED workshops are designed to empower participants to take control of their own health by giving them the information they need to make healthy choices. Participants learn skills like how to read food labels and measure their food portions, and how to incorporate a little exercise into their daily routine.

Workshops are led by our diabetes prevention expert, Guedy Arniella, or by peer leaders. Peer leaders are community members who know first-hand the challenges to healthy living in the neighborhood. Peer leaders are trained by Guedy to help participants overcome these challenges and lead healthier lives.

If you would like to learn more about our workshops, please contact us at:

212-659-9552 or